Carly says: ““Lemonade” is my first single; it’s a somewhat upbeat track with dark vibes. Though it’s a fun track, I wrote it as an escapist song. My headspace wasn’t great – I’d spent the past few years between Mexico City, LA, and NYC recording songs, but between dealing with unsavoury characters and fearing music would conflict with my job as a talent agent, I never released it. I finally got to a point where I was like, forget it, I’m writing this carefree track and releasing it. That’s what’s behind “Lemonade.””

Carly Shea is an NYC-based musician creating songs that fluctuate between house-inspired pop and alternative soul. Her songs are a reflection of the ups and downs of living— from enjoying careless nights out to contemplate the bigger picture. After keeping her music private for several years, Carly is ready to see where her music lands with listeners.


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