1996 was the time of being a teenager, where everything real was felt for the first time. We realized how fragile we were, yet how powerful and strong we could also be. We realized how connected we could be, but also noticed those who were being marginalized or forgotten. 1996 is a project to remind us of our youth then as well as the youth today.

Featuring the vocals of Lauren Massa (of Houston band Velveteen Echo), “Around You” is, at first, a little fuzzy ball that is a teenage crush. But the longer you look, you see it’s the start of a life where things are truly felt and contemplated for the first time. It’s the start of all the things that will simultaneously push and pull you in every decision you make. Confidence, but self-deprecation. Bliss, but depression. Love, but loneliness. This is the beginning of how you navigate all your dualities. This is the beginning of who you think you can be.


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