NYC native Julia Anrather put out her first few singles on Soundcloud in 2015 where they were discovered by Refinery29, who asked her to “give us more, please”. She obliged and in 2016 put out her first EP, Quentin. The single from that record, Closer, premiered on Impose Magazine and Impose included the single in its Week in Pop and Year in Pop compilations. The EDM band Curtis Alto discovered Closer and remixed it, releasing the remix You Might through Spinnin’ Records where it charted on Belgian radio and racked up 500k streams on Spotify.

Julia spent the past two years in and out of the studio and she’ll be releasing new songs in 2020 produced by Benamin Julia (Ryahn, IGBO) and Ryan Dieringer (Tica Douglas, Double King), and featuring collaborations with Dan Kleederman (Grand Kid), Alex D Goldberg, Taja Cheek (L’Rain), Vishal Nayak, Kyle Miles, Katie Jacoby, Kaley Puckett (Puck), and Nick Hakim.


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