Nick Black is a fun, optimistic and authentic young artist from Memphis, TN. Influenced by the feel-good music of Justin Timberlake and Bruno Mars and the musicality of legacy acts, such as Al Green and Sting, Black has created his music to sound modern and unique, yet familiar and nostalgic. Striving to bring his optimistic life-vision to his music, Black’s songwriting encompasses his beliefs in human nature and the Universe, creating true, honest, perceptive and passionate releases.

Black’s new single “I.R.L” is a sexy pop song disguising a poignant and timely message. Originally written as a love song when his wife wanted him to put down his phone and live in the moment, the track quickly took a turn during the current pandemic. Rather than being an ode to taking a social media break, “I.R.L” is an infectious anthem declaring “I want to see you in real life.” Blending intoxicating pop melodies, with seductive neo-soul and South American guitar playing, Black and producer James Bennett have succeeded in crafting an “old love/new problem” type of vibe. Sun-soaked guitars emanate a warm and tropical feel, while his soulful vocals, which are reminiscent of Tom Misch, provide an uplifting track, perfect for those summertime playlists.

His lust for life oozes into his live performances. As an entertainer he is quite something to behold, pulling the audience in and refusing to let them go. Black creates an experience that he wants everyone to be a part of. Growing up between two worlds, from his family’s deep ties to church and his home-town of Memphis where Soul, R&B, Rock’N’ Roll and Blues legends made names for themselves, Black’s sound is an organically grown phenomenon.

His authenticity and passion have been the foundation of his identity, both as a person and as an artist. Black is excited to pursue his curiosity in electronic music, adding dance beats to his extremely versatile sound. Black has found success touring nationally and selling out shows at Springboard West Music Festival in San Diego, The Mint in Los Angeles, B-Side in Hollywood and at Anaheim’s 2020 NAMM Show.

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