“Ok ok, I feel you today / But know that those feelings are fading away” go the cutting lyrics in Bokito’s new single. ‘Okok’ hones in on the uglier part of human relations: their severance, with a fierce musicality that makes for one of the year’s most poignant and cathartic indie singles. 

Opening with a palpitating kick drum beat and bright chiming guitars, the melancholia of frontman Moses’ stacked vocals evokes bittersweet wordless partings, and he goes the full range throughout the middle eight, which culminates in an exhilarating falsetto display. Ben Jackson’s immersive production floats the intricate busyness of the instrumental atop a soundscape of swirling ambience to make for a record that sounds restless and assured. It’s business as usual from a group reinvigorating the indie genre one release at a time.

Bokito’s music beckons us into impulsive and unfettered behaviour, both through recordings and in the flesh at their remarkable live shows. It’s a tight and uproarious blend of indie, rock and pop that reels listeners in with hooks so infectious we’d need to be quarantined in a cell made of penicillin to get them out of our system. Enigmatic frontman Moses is a creature of instinct, radiating soulful, primordial energy that baits listeners into following him into the uninhibited. 

His scorching vocal range leaves aural burns reverberating in your ears as they direct your fingers to the reload button. Guitars and keys merge kaleidoscopically, giving Bokito the range to go from hook-led numbers like ‘Love Gotten’ to the shimmering pop of ‘Freckle Leather’ via the grooves of ‘Colleen Bawn’. Drawing inspiration from diverse artists like J Dilla, Jeff Buckley, Fela Kuti, Justin Timberlake and Queens of the Stone Age, the group’s high-octane songwriting always stays deftly and dynamically under their control. Paired with Moses’ honest introspective lyrics, the five-piece channel a wide spectrum of emotions to leave plenty more for listeners to discover at each play; of which there will be many.


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