Regarding the track “The Wanderer and the Outcast,” Bowers says: “This song is about two people becoming more and more removed from each other within a relationship. The speakers move from the house to the woods under the water to symbolize this progression. In many mythologies, the West Wind is a bringer of hope, peace, and good luck. For the two in this song, that period of hope and peace is passed, and the spirit of the relationship is gone.”

Vocal sound and lyricism are at the heart of the project, and Thomas has brought on friends Jordy Cheney (vocals), Ben Cheney (bass), Jon Powers (electric guitar) and Walter Williams (drums) for Sea of Fog’s debut release, ‘Michael Collins Observes the First Moonwalk From the Columbia Module.’

Sea of Fog is also active on YouTube, where, among other things, they take harpsichords to places they shouldn’t be and play songs they shouldn’t play.


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