After a hectic tour with Desert Mountain Tribe supporting Bauhaus and a year of lockdown, Van Elst (ft. Cosette Gobat) starts off the new year with ‘Daydreamer’.

Releasing his new single ‘Daydreamer’ VAN ELST takes us into the imaginative dreamy hours accompanied by the beautiful ethereal vocals of the American singer-songwriter Cosette Gobat. Last seen on stage opening for Bauhaus with his previous band Desert Mountain Tribe, Dark Dream Pop artist VAN ELST has learned a thing or two from the gothic legends about writing emotional atmospheric songs.

The track ‘Daydreamer’ absorbs the listener into the already authentic landscape of the artist, continuing his musical blend of melancholic synth lines, bass-heavy electronics, atmospheric dream-pop melodies with hints of psychedelia.

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Dutch Producer, songwriter and drummer VAN ELST has already carved out a corner of the music-sphere all of his own, with journalists comparing his unsettling brand of electronica to bands as diverse as Joy Division and Crystal Castles. VAN ELST wrote ‘Daydreamer’ reflecting on a moving year in which he started his project’s journey. Based on vocal melodies inspired by ideas that came to him in a daydream he had while gazing out of the window having existential visualisations of the past the present and the future. Sampling his vocals turning them into separate melodies and chords he creates an ambience that carries us into a haunting world of both hope and insecurity. After finishing the writing and production process VAN ELST felt there was something missing to the audio landscape he’d created and therefore contacted American “DIY Experimentalist” and “Dream Pop queen” Cosette Gobat (who previously worked with artists such as The Wombats, Caroline Rose, Ali Barter) to add a beautiful vocal and guitar part to the song which brought an extra depth to the sonic dimension.

On a journey to shine a light on the unspoken sides of mental health, VAN ELST hopes his music will create more awareness and understanding of the struggles experienced by many: “Listening to songs that relate to the situation I’m in helps me to process my feelings. With ‘Daydreamer’ I hope to provide a feeling of hope and a similar healing experience for the listener”.

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