Having graduated from the British and Irish Modern Music Institute (BIMM) with a degree in songwriting in 2019, based Aoife Carton spent 2020 honing her craft so that 2021 could be a success. Aoife has been developing her sound since she started writing songs at the age of fifteen. A writer before a songwriter, lyrics are at the heart of her music. Influenced by a range of artists and genres, Aoife’s newer music has developed a Country- Pop feel, the genre of music she loves to listen to most.

Aoife took a big step towards her music career in 2017 when she booked a solo flight to Nashville, Tennessee on her 21st birthday, determined to play at the famous Open Mic Night at the Bluebird Cafe – which she did. After yet another visit to Nashville (with the hopes to return very soon) Aoife’s newer music has truly been influenced by Music City. One of her biggest influences growing up was the late Mic Christopher, and so she loves taking part in many of the celebrations in his honour. In the past, she has sung his songs alongside many of Ireland’s most well-known singers, in Whelans, The National Concert Hall, Vicar Street and on the Ray D’Arcy Show.

Determined to write about subjects she is passionate about, she has tackled topics such as mental health, sexual violence and toxic relationships in her lyrics. Her newest single, ‘Who I Am Today’ is about overcoming every hurdle she has been faced with in the past and driving forward to become the person she is today.

Speaking more on ‘Who I Am Today’ Aoife explained:
During the height of lockdown when like everyone else, I felt defeated, my Dad told me he knew I would get through this because I was the most resilient girl he knows. I immediately pocketed that line. During one of my low periods, I was thinking about how many personal hurdles I’ve been faced with in the past few years. Instead of letting myself sink further I took to my guitar and wrote Who I Am Today.

With ‘Who I Am Today’ being the first of many singles to come from the young singer-songwriter this year, we’re expecting big things from Aoife Carton in 2021.