The emerging Trap Pop artist Flora Camille is quickly making waves in the scene with her intoxicating musical style. Her mix of ethereal soundscapes sampled oriental strings, and bass trap beats topped off with dreamy melodies, make for bewitching songs which linger in the listener’s ear long after being heard.

The haunting romance of Flora Camille’s music is paired with paradoxical lyrics: a lust for life combined with brooding thoughts about her own indecisiveness and waywardness. We often find her reminiscing about mystical fervour and vivid delusions. She’s is fascinated by the idea of a multidimensional spirit who is supposedly living within each of us.

Her experience with lucid dreaming plays a decisive role in her life and thus also in her musical expression. Ghosts of the mid 90’s Portishead album „Dummy“ and today’s trap pioneer Post Malone can be heard weaving their way through her songs. Yet among music lovers she’s is frequently compared with none other than Kate Bush herself.

Flora Camille is an artist to watch, as she is set to cement herself firmly in the music industry for years to come.

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