kazaizen bridges the gap between ‘60s psychedelia and the contemporary styles of today. At one moment, surreal and melancholy, melodically drifting away with reverberating electric pianos and organs. At another, fuzzed-out, synth-full, ethereal and dazed.

The track comes via the newly released debut album from kazaizen. ‘Cyclops Dragon Light Switch’ was entirely self-produced in a small home studio filled to the brim with instruments and recording gear. Made through experimentations in sonic fidelity, and explorations into modern mainstream pop, from the perception of a ’60s-obsessed fuzz pedal fanatic.

kazaizen is just one member of a psychedelic musician’s collective in the Twin Cities, Minnesota. Some of the collaborations of this group, including Space Mall, CUZ, and WIZARDZ are due to release music videos and albums throughout the coming year.    

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