Formed in 2010, Creeptones have been playing, writing, and performing together for more than 10 years. It all began in 2008, when Nico Lucido—current Creeptones graphic artist and part-time collaborator—penned lyrics that he would then share with a childhood friend, Carmine Stoppiello. Inspired by both the words and tone of Nico’s prose, the two got to work on the music, unaware that this would be the very first original Creeptones track. 

This track led to more and, before long, Nico had relocated from Christmas, FL, to Toms River, NJ, to officially start the Creeptones project. Within that year, however, Nico would make the tough decision to return to Florida, a story told in their song, “Back in a Few” from Creeptones 2012 debut record, The Creep is Born.

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