“New Inspiration” is a late-night, moody song about needing to accept that you can’t help someone who doesn’t want to be helped – watching someone go down dark or dangerous paths time and time again, trying to help them, but not being able to if they don’t want things to change themselves. 

Once a student of literature, the influence of both the classical and contemporary have seeped into my lyrics, with flashes of favourites like Oscar Wilde and Kurt Vonnegut detectable within the rush. The lyric – Casually he introduces himself / As the wild son of love and death – is a nod to Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray.

I wanted to present the visuals as a relation to both the lyrical tone and musical tone of the song. Heavily affected visual effects layered onto night time footage created a lushness that I feel when listening to the song. Ending the video with a visual effect that I’ve never seen or made before was a wonderful surprise for me, and I think matches the madness at the end of the song. – Justis Krar (IMMV Productions, “New Inspiration” video director)


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