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“The singer-songwriter wears his emotions on his sleeve while singing about love lost, fear of moving on and the unknown future. His calming vocals counterbalance the painful topics that we face in our own lives and brings a sense of comforting hope.” – XMPL

Toronto’s Alex Frew returns to 2021 with a striking new release, ‘Something To Hold Onto’, following his first introductory singles ‘Get Out Alive’ and ‘Antisocial Love Song’, as well as a mesmerizing cover of Phil Collins’ In The Air Tonight” that was released on Cover Nation.

Backed by syncopated pop beats and driven by high-drama melody, Alex Frew’s potent lyrics detail the most honest of emotions portraying themes of self-doubt, toxic habits, self-criticism, depression and anxiety. However, it’s not the singer’s perspective we’re actually hearing, it’s the vice that has latched onto an individual who is convinced that they need it most.

“This is a viewpoint that I have always wanted to explore in my songwriting,” Alex Frew says. “It’s asking: “If my addictions had the ability to speak, what would they say?” This song is a way in which I can navigate that perspective.”

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The stunning music video also closes with a series of helpline numbers from around the world to further promote mental health awareness.

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Alex Frew gravitated towards music as an emotional outlet from an early age. He began playing the piano at six, picked up the guitar at nine, and by the time he was fifteen, he was writing songs full of honest emotion. At a time when most of his classmates were focused on hockey tryouts and university applications, Frew was hard at work in songwriting sessions all over the city, crafting tracks with the likes of Lowell and Dragonette’s Joel Stouffer, who would become a steady collaborator and close confidante over the years.

“In the studio, we were always trying to find ways to capture the swirl of emotion that comes with that tragic feeling of being a teenager. We wanted to create something that could lift you up just as easily as it could bring you down.”


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