Paying exorbitant rent for a mismanaged, tiny apartment is a uniquely Torontonian experience. There was no view in the basement apartment that our vocalist Jake shared with his partner, yet they made the most of the space and filled it with life.

Our new song, “400 Sq. Ft.,” is a reflection on those underground days, where nearly everything went wrong, from frozen, un-insulated pipes to black mould. While these unresolved issues were piling up, the rent was also climbing in true Toronto fashion. Despite all this, Jake and his partner decked the space out with art, two pet snakes, and the scent of incredible food from back-to-back cook ups.

Ultimately, this track is about beauty in the coldest of spaces, and the person who brings light into these rooms.

Ambient synth sound to build this song’s foundation which builds a sense of desolation throughout. As the song picks up, there are stark shifts between sections and the layering of disparate musical styles that create a feeling of compressed, forward momentum.

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“400 Sq. Ft.” serves as a testament to our genre-pushing diversity which smashes hip-hop and punk influences in a Hadron Collider. Recording during a period of transition for the band, this song is a taste of what’s to come from our forthcoming album.

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