‘Candy’ from the long-anticipated album from Serena Ryder is finally here. The ‘Art of Falling Apart’ was written and recorded over 10 days, and the tracklisting allows the listener to follow Serena’s creative process in a truly linear sense. From beginning to end, they are with her. 

Each song was recorded the day it was written, featuring raw, unprocessed vocals. The album is one piece of a greater movement for Serena as a leader in mental health and wellness. 

A longtime advocate, Serena has worked with a variety of health and wellness initiatives, including Bell Let’s Talk, WE Day, Unison Benevolent Fund, and in 2018 won the Margaret Trudeau Mental Health Advocacy Award. She has presented her keynote speech (also named The Art of Falling Apart) to audiences across Canada, and will soon release a shortened animated version to grow its impact around the world. Recently, she launched The Art of Wellness —a free mindfulness program for artists and creatives. Combined with the album rollout, these pieces will help position Serena as a leader in both music and mental health.


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