Following her debut single ‘She Said’, things are only looking up for Manchester-based R&B artist Laeeqa (She/Her) with her new release, ‘Reflection’. 

The track is a beautifully melodic call out to everyone who may be struggling with their mental health and self-worth that you are enough; a reminder that you have brought yourself this far and you can do it again!

Featuring an atmospheric synth and a strong drum beat, the track introduces Laeeqa’s smooth vocals preaching her words of self-worth and inspiration.
By the chorus, the vocals push a burst of energy into the message being portrayed, with overlapping rhythms and melodies that make ‘Reflection’ an incredible musical feat that you should not miss out on.

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The single is based on Laeeqa’s own mental health journey, written spontaneously with inspiration from her brother playing a couple of chords on his guitar (that he only began to learn a month ago!), leading into something that is entirely inspiring and hopeful.


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