The first verse in “She Moves in Phases” is about realizing my heart had the capacity to love beyond binaries, and therefore also be broken beyond binaries.

The rest of the song followed after processing the end of the relationship, coming into my own and embracing my queer identity. It took a lot of patience, love and care. As I moved through additional challenges – with my mental health and burnout – the song took on a new form as a love song to myself.

The biggest lesson I have carried with me over this past year is to honour every moment, to slow down and rest. The imagery that comes to mind when listening is ethereal, a cosmic moon in its many lunar phases shining over a night sky, floating in harmony with the stars. This is visualized in both the music video by London based filmmaker, Olivia Du Vergier, and single art by Montreal based multimedia artist Erica Hart, inspired by moon diagrams from old alchemy and astrology books.

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