Hailing from Edmonton, Canada, the Psych-Dream Pop artist uses washed out layers of guitars, synths, and drum machines to create unique sounds for the listener to be immersed and get lost in.

After receiving recognition from many publications such as WhiteLight/WhiteHeat and radio stations like DKFM, the first full-length album from Arthur is out today. Spacious, minimalistic, trance-psychedelia with hazy, dream-like vocals, it cleanses the soul. For fans of Spacemen 3, Spiritualized, Sonic Boom, and The Brian Jonestown Massacre.

Here’s what Arthur has had to say about the making of this album;

“Synthetic Sounds For The Modern Soul” is the first full-length album I have released, and with that, I wanted to approach things differently. I really wanted to capture the sounds of me playing around and exploring at home. Most of the music was written playing loops or messing with parts on an SP-555, capturing and putting down layer after layer. With these clips, I made arrangements and added more elements. The idea for the name of the album came from everything being recorded via synthesizers, electronic instruments, samplers, and using synthetic amps/cabinets for the guitars. The songs progressed quickly and naturally with this new writing process and I am pretty happy with what came of it. The recordings were done throughout summer 2020 in my apartment.“

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