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Sonic sorcery reigns supreme as Luc Laurent and Kathryn Baar, the dynamic duo that is SPELLES, have graced our ears with their haunting and anthemic masterpiece, “Night Terrors.” It’s a musical journey that combines the sultry spirit of Amy Winehouse with the hypnotic allure of Suicide, introducing a whole new facet of SPELLES’ genre-defying prowess.

“Night Terrors” creeps in with a blues-inspired bass synth riff that resonates with a bone-chilling undercurrent. Luc Laurent’s pulsating drums provide the perfect canvas for Kathryn Baar’s soulful and biting vocals to truly captivate the listener. As the track unfolds, the choruses burst forth with textures of organs and string machines, creating a sonic tapestry that envelops Baar’s confident proclamation, “Look at me now, I’m coming alive.”

A defining moment in the song submerges the listener in a sense of being underwater, only to be resurfaced with a triumphant finale that leaves you breathless. Baar’s lyrical prowess shines through, touching upon the complex duality of hope and hopelessness that often accompanies the pursuit of elusive dreams. Lines like “What haunts you the most? My unlived life” and “Built a pyramid of dreams, to honour what’s dead” add a layer of profound introspection to this already mesmerizing composition.

“Night Terrors” is the third single to drop from SPELLES’ highly anticipated debut album, “Diving Into the Arms of the Divine,” set to grace our ears on November 15th via Sierra Bonita Records.

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The journey of SPELLES began in 2014 when their unreleased gem, “Bird in a Cage,” found its way into the hit TV series Pretty Little Liars. Since then, they’ve delivered two EPs, “SPELLES” and “Skeleton Coast I,” along with a slew of captivating singles. Their music has found a home on various shows, including Good Girls, Big Sky, Charmed, Nancy Drew, and even a TV promo for ABC. In 2017, their song “Dead in the Water” received airtime on BBC Radio 1, and they proudly sported a sponsorship from Taco Bell’s “Feed the Beat” program. Kathryn Baar’s songwriting prowess also shone in 2022 with “Let It Out,” co-written with Jordan Frye, landing a coveted spot in an HBO promo. She also lent her vocals and songwriting skills to “Fly” by The Avener and added her enchanting voice to “Fade Away” by Claptone, a collaboration initiated via a personal email from the legendary producer Stuart Price (known for his work with Madonna). SPELLES has graced live stages in Los Angeles alongside remarkable acts like LP, Dorothy, Cannons, Skott, and Niia.

Influenced by the likes of Portishead, Radiohead, and Nina Simone, SPELLES has ingeniously combined a plethora of musical inspirations with poetic and evocative lyrics to craft a body of work that speaks volumes. “Night Terrors” stands as a testament to their artistic prowess and the promise of more enchanting sonic adventures to come.


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