Is love something you’re supposed to believe in or something that you feel?

“Lately, I Believe” marks the first time we’ve used the word love in a song. We liked the juxtaposition of something casual and transient like “lately” being applied to something as serious as a belief, especially a belief in something important like love. And then we asked, is love something you’re supposed to believe in or that you feel?

This song, ultimately, is a nod to the journey of becoming empowered and feeling a sense of uplift… though that may sound strange given this track has a refrain of “Well, it’s hopeless.”

This single was produced by the great Dan Hosh and recorded at Catherine North Studios in Hamilton, Ontario. We commuted from Toronto to do some serious tone diving after initially setting up to record live off the floor. Our producer leaned into restraint on the arrangement and a 50s pop vibe in the chorus, which really highlighted our melodic strengths.

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