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There is an unmistakable feeling of vulnerability when hearing MYKA’s dynamic vocals and self-reflective lyrics.

Defined by his experiences in his late teens and early twenties, his tender demeanour is coloured through his obvious soul searching, both musically and personally. MYKA’s use of innovative angles and unpredictable direction prove that there is no single genre that can define him. Captivating his audience with his affinity for irresistible melodies and cinematic choruses, the multi-talented artist exudes energy at live performances that you would have to see to believe.

As a Greensboro, NC native, MYKA started recording music at the early age of thirteen via a makeshift studio at his cousin’s house. By the time he was legal, he had already released three mixtapes and various singles. During his late teen years, his family was constantly moving state-to-state. This allowed MYKA to steep himself into multiple cultures and music scenes, eventually leading to a sharp focus on exactly who and what he wanted to become.

Fast forward to April 2019, MYKA was in Nashville, Tennessee recording his debut EP WHERE WE GO FROM HERE. Artists such as Kid Cudi, Frank Ocean, N.E.R.D, MGMT, The XX, and Beach House all helped in influencing his versatile and genre-bending sound. Listeners can feel and hear a heavy contrast of light and dark themes throughout the EP as he touches on depression, heartbreak, uncertainty, ambition, loneliness, loss, and love. Skits incorporated between tracks immerse you into his experiences as if you were there yourself.

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As a multi-faceted artist who has made a career for himself with an eclectic mix of genre-defying and catchy compositions, MYKA is currently residing in L.A. where he continues to push his sound and style.


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