LOVE PSYCK­­ the EP marks Lijie’s third official release and is a rich indie-pop experience with melodious hooks, harmonies, and dirty drums. The title, a play on words, is a blend of Love “sick” (physical) and Love “psych” (mental): Love can be so sickeningly blissful and painful at the same time.

Born overseas and raised in the U.S., Lijie is a singer/songwriter residing in LA. She has received awards from the UK Songwriting Contest and the John Lennon Songwriting Contest, and her co-written song “Glorious” was the featured song in the animated film ROCK DOG, which has over 6 Million YouTube streams.

She began recording the 4-song EP in Boston and continued the creative process in Brooklyn, sitting on the brown carpet of her 3rd-floor apartment bedroom.

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From the lyrics “could it be possible I like the pain” (So What), to the blatant declaration that we are all “Fucking Crazy,” Lijie captures the roller-coaster of emotions we find ourselves on in our quest for love.

“She Was Gone,” the newest song on the EP, tells the story of someone who leaves a toxic relationship both physically and mentally. Cowritten with a friend/collaborator while biking through North Hollywood, the song began as a simple catchy voice memo, which was produced into a dark/synth-pop song with Lana Del Rey vibes.

“There There” will leave Radiohead fans wondering if they even recognize Lijie’s rendition of their early 2000 rock song. “The lyrics ‘just cuz you feel it, doesn’t mean it’s there’ is brilliant, typical Radiohead. Doesn’t it blow your mind that two people can live in the same reality and have completely different experiences?! It’s a mind trip.”


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