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In the ever-evolving world of alt-pop, New York City’s own singer-songwriter and producer, Ade, has emerged as a trailblazing force with his abstract debut record, ‘Midnight Pizza,’ which dropped in 2021. Since then, he has been harnessing the power of technology and drawing inspiration from a diverse range of influences to create his own groundbreaking brand of pop that effortlessly traverses musical boundaries.

Ade’s artistic palette is a vibrant mix of Björk, Beck, Backstreet Boys, and Weezer, a fusion that fuels his experimental sound and takes his listeners on an exhilarating sonic journey. His ability to infuse infectious grooves with a touch of nihilism has caught the attention of critics, with Paste Magazine commending him for reviving tried-and-true tropes in a fresh and exciting manner. The Line of Best Fit applauds his undeniable style, masterfully straddling pop sensibilities and dancefloor inflexions, resulting in a sound that is truly infectious.

Last year, Ade treated fans to his captivating EP, ‘Junk In Orbit,’ an artistic feat that showcases his knack for blending incisive cultural observations with irresistible melodies and polished pop sensibilities. The EP boasts a collection of what he calls “pandemic songs,” which serve as a cut-and-paste collage of personal reflections during lockdown, resonating with prophetic relevance even today.

Within the interstellar soundscape of ‘Junk In Orbit,’ Ade presents a motley crew of characters, each grappling with their internal contradictions. From a frightened nihilist to a socially hypercritical shut-in and an insecure narcissist, these personas navigate a blurred moral environment, oscillating between acute self-awareness and complete obliviousness—a space that deeply intrigues the artist.

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Among the standout tracks on the EP is “One Of Us,” an anthemic offering that captivates with its apocalyptic allure. The title track, “Junk In Orbit,” takes listeners on a cosmic journey, embracing a world of chaos and disarray. Meanwhile, “Ambivert” fuses elements of bedroom-pop and pop-punk, creating an electrifying hybrid that pushes the boundaries of contemporary music.

Ade’s artistry is a testament to his ability to infuse technology and personal influences into his sonic creations, crafting a distinctive sound that resonates with audiences far and wide. As he continues to explore uncharted musical territories, we can only expect Ade to further elevate the alt-pop genre with his thought-provoking lyricism and genre-defying ingenuity. With each release, he solidifies his place as a visionary force in the ever-expanding universe of music.


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