Using his music as a sonic diary, British songwriter/performer Autumnboy continuously weaves unique soundscapes that tell his own story. Pulling influences from Emo music from both the modern day and the past few decades, he continues to find new and innovative ways to articulate his journey of faith and mental health. Having strong roots in the local emo music scene growing up, the 26 year old writer believes that it is imperative to share his experiences and the hope that he has found to better the lives of others in alternative subcultures in a new and unique way.

Charisma is an intimate telling of Autumnboy’s process of walking through the winding intricacies that build up faith that is Theology and Philosophy. After questioning the things that he had once believed and experienced, Charisma was birthed. The song itself deals with the deep heartache and confusion that comes with changing your worldview and having peers and loved ones not see eye to eye.

Explaining how the collaboration came to be, Autumnboy states, ‘After running in certain music scenes internationally over the course of a few years. Both Jay Costlow and I crossed paths through a multitude of mutual connections. As time went on, both of us had performed together and were both integrated within similar communities within their scene, giving a perfect space for this collaborative project to come to fruition.’

Jay Costlow is from Johnstown, Pennsylvania but has spent most of her time as an adult living on the road as a touring musician singing with Kevin Schlereth and travelling with bands like Comrades and The Gaffer Project. Though it has been her recent passion to attempt playing solo.

Describing the story behind The Pruning, Jay said, “This song is inspired by my mom’s history as a child experiencing abuse in all forms from her father. She lived through times that are often hard to have hope through. Finding all of this out when I was 18 caused me to have  PTSD, depression and anxiety. It has been through God, therapy, friendships and time that I see hope. Before things felt so grey but now I’m seeing things in colour again. Pain still creeps in but I feel like I have some footing now that makes me thankful for the nights I’ve cried so hard it hurt yet I woke up. If you’ve experienced anything traumatizing, have patience with yourself and receive patience from others. There are beautiful colours to be seen and smiles to be had laughter to be sung.”

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