Rizzo G.U.N’s music is as expansive as his background and for him, it’s more than just rapping, it’s about entertaining. Rizzo’s artistry is shaped through his travels around the world which is evident in how he presents himself on stage and in his music. He aims to leave an impression with his listener as he draws inspiration from the most influential performers like Beyonce and Biddy.

First, to understand Rizzo, you have to understand the breakdown of his name. The acronym G.U.N. stands for “Get Up Now” and is a way to motivate others to chase their dreams. Even though diversity and obstacles, Rizzo G.U.N. wants to spread to his fans that they must remain steadfast. Musically, Rizzo’s sound consists of the three cultures he represents. 

Born in Brooklyn at the Kings County Hospital, Rizzo’s roots also expand to the culture-rich city of Atlanta and the West Indies. He effortlessly blends the colourful Caribbean cadences with the laid back, East Coast appeal. His record “Adios” off his debut project, Capricorn SZN, is a great representation of this as it boasts heavy Caribbean rhythms along with the sharp, lyrical prowess that New York rap is known for. The city of Atlanta, however, allowed Rizzo to perfect his craft as a performer where he would perform across the city with the hip hop group Da Lab before taking his career solo.

As a solo artist, Rizzo GUN has shared a series of singles including “Move It” and “Essential”. His most recent release “Slow Wine”, from his second EP “Cusp of Prophecy”, elaborates on the genre that is “Trap Soca”. With entertaining at the forefront, Rizzo has graced stages across the US including Art Basel Miami and alongside IRO] on the “My Boo” Tour in Charlotte. It’s only a matter of time before he’s mentioned among the greats.

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