Vancouver indie rock band Colour Tongues. Needless to say it’s been quite a year, and we’ve been weathering storms both figuratively and literally. We hunkered down, wrote, recorded and voila – we’ve produced some incredible new music that is close on the horizon.

“Wasted” is the first track from our upcoming debut LP Midnight Island. Think of it as an electric dream… flowing through you with a sense of hope, warmth, and belonging.

Produced in collaboration with the brilliant Matt di Pomponio, who will burst into the room and shout something like “Ok! Here’s what we are going to do: James is going to wrap a frayed patch cable around an old telephone, face north, and bite a pretzel into a microphone!” And yes…that is buried in the track somewhere.

Each of us has our own story of living through a powerful, but toxic relationship. The moment you realize that you deserve better, you reclaim your agency and the whole world opens up again – like when you were a child or a teenager discovering things for the first time. Once you know it, you can’t turn back.

What’s next is anyone’s guess, but for now life is an adventure again – and it’s all yours. Embodied in the lyric “finding the sun means you need to leave home,” this track takes you on a trip of romantic nostalgia, forcing you to look deep and look ahead – to find your own sun, wherever that might take you.

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