After many years of writing and recording music both independently and with bands and collaborators, jjoey came to fruition as an outlet to simply share and give some form of life to these songs and recordings outside of my personal hard drive. As of right now, everything is written, recorded and produced by jjoey, who is hopeful to expand the project to include more collaborators in the future.

Oak was written and recorded entirely by me in lockdown in my Brooklyn apartment over the course of April and May of 2020,” joey says. “I had just released my first album from this project, Roll off your back, which was much more intimate and acoustic-driven. I spent a lot of time with that album mixing organic sounds with unnatural synthetic elements and wanted to do something completely different. 

Listen to the full album via Soundcloud:

Oak was a release of creativity and an effort to feel like I was back in a room with a band. I purposefully limited myself back to the basics of guitar, bass and drums and recorded the entire album in two large chunks, splitting it up later in the mixing process. Lyrically it captures that moment in time for me dealing with the pandemic, some major loss and coming to grips with overwhelming uncertainty and finding comfort in what I could.”