Based on a dream where the narrator reunites with a late loved one in the back seat of a car, the song is built around a repetitive rhythm, swirling, atmospheric synths, and ethereal female backing vocals that lead the listener into a trance-like state of mind of Lynchian proportions, equally sinister and tender, sad and sexy. It features Francina Ribes in vocals and Marc Ribera on some programming (both from Doble Pletina) and it is produced by Sergio Pérez (SVPER.)

The video maps a loop through the streets of Evripidis’ neighborhood. “Using the repetitive rhythm of the song as a starting point, we created a visual identity that deals with the night, the darkness, the realm of dreams, the idea of eternity, the vicious circle and assimilation” state Oro y Plata Producciones, the creators of this “road movie where Evripidis encounters those past memories that live inside his head, ending up facing his own self.“

Evripidis and His Tragedies is the alter-ego of Evripidis Sabatis. The "Tragedies” are the devastating, confessional, self-sarcastic, and often darkly humorous pop songs that draw on his classical piano training, queer sensibility, and storytelling skills to examine and ultimately own up to the vicissitudes of life.

Neos Kosmos, written and recorded in the course of half a decade, maps Evripidis’ particular bittersweet vision of a New World on a personal, artistic, and global level, characterized by intense contradictions. His stories intertwine tragedy with the joy of living, delivered with a new, synthetic sound that breaks away from Evripidis’ former, multi-instrumental musical adventures. While trying to think of a title for his fifth album, Evripidis, eyes on the floor, glimpsed the words “Neos Kosmos,” printed on a crumbled paper receipt from a pharmacy in his hometown Athens. These two words, on a mundane scrap of everyday life, seemed like a sign – resonating perfectly with the artistic process behind the record, as well as its content.

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