Combining a wide range of influences, Alta Falls takes glimpses of The Preatures’ rhythms, Spacey Jane’s guitars, The Weekend’s synth lines, and The Wombats’ energy to put their take on modern indie. A slow build of instrumentation and shimmering vocals builds to a fiery chorus that has mastered the art of catchy.

After spending much of 2020’s lockdown together, Alta Falls’ members took a deep dive exploring the social and global landscapes brought to light by the pandemic. The outfit have crafted a collection of tracks alongside producer Aidan Hogg (Jaguar Jonze, Holy Holy), featuring Sebastian Jennings Hingston (Tia Gostelow) on drums, to make their mark on the subjects in the form of song.

With a catalogue of music ready to be released, Alta Falls are preparing their entrance into the independent Australian music scene, proving themselves a force of nature with addictive melodies, soaring harmonies, retro instrumentation, and skilful lyricism.

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