They Fell From The Sky formed after Colin Doran (Hundred Reasons) and Jason Bowld (Bullet For My Valentine, Pitchshifter, Killing Joke) got together for Jason’s collaborative project ‘This Is Menace’. They then started writing with Dave Draper and completed the line up with Lee Erinmez (Snuff) and Oly Edkins.

Once in the studio the band’s songwriting flourished and an album began to take shape, blending the multitude of styles each member brought to the table. The songs started to flow and the sound honed to make the unique songwriting juggernaut that is ‘They Fell From The Sky’.

Their upcoming single ‘Dry’ is a perfect example of the bands ability to mix their heavier backgrounds with mainstream appeal, taken from their debut album due for release in the Spring of 2021. The album is produced by the band’s guitarist Dave Draper, who’s best known for his work with The Wildhearts, The Professionals and Kerbdog.

Commenting on the track, vocalist and lyricist Colin Doran explains: “It’s about people who are consistently only apologetic when absolutely caught out; But are not actually sorry at all.”

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