Finnish rapper-turned-singer-songwriter Jesse Markin has nurtured a reputation for universal excursions through indie-pop, Rap, RnB, and African folk – a soundscape beyond any genre limitations. Now he returns with his latest single ‘Exodus’.

Hailing all the way from Viljakkala – a small all-white community village in Finland, Markin is no stranger to feeling isolated. Growing up having attracted unwanted attention as a young black boy; Markin faced an identity crisis and seeked comfort in things that reflected his internal battles.

Making a conscious decision to do things differently, he studied the English language through the world of Music, TV Shows and Films and eventually developed a fascination for US Rappers, which soon became an escape for him.

Markin later spent years as a member of the hip-hop group ‘The Megaphone state’, who produced three critically acclaimed hip-hop albums. Despite his love for rap, the artist decided to embark on his solo career, developing his style from rapping to singing through universal lyrical themes.

Having spent many years in the face of hardship, Markin channels his tenacity in the latest offering, ‘Exodus’, joined by the outstanding global poet Akua Naru, who has worked alongside the likes of Angelique Kidjo, Tune-yards, Lords Of The Underground, Tony Allen and Cody Chesnutt. The track embodies a slick and textured production that blends organic instrumentation with the synthetic – a combination only he could pull off. However, ‘Exodus’ truly revels in its vehemence and in the potency of its lyrics, with Markin providing the soaring melody and Naru an untouchable rap verse, it’s clear to hear the power the track holds for both artists. Akua says, “Jesse is a creative working to liberate through his artistry. This is something that resonates with me deeply. ‘Exodus’ is an extension of this. He speaks to our power to move forward, carve our own spaces, and seize the day. A call to action. A celebration of the human spirit and its capacity for strength and resilience.”

About the track, Markin adds: ‘Exodus’ is a song about perseverance. That undying flame keeps pushing you forward despite the odds and how they are stacked against you. The desire to live up to your full potential as a human in a place where obstacles are found way too often. A lot of times I’ve asked myself: is this worth it? How much further? Are we there yet? In this song I trie