‘Hold Me In The Dark’ is deliberately bittersweet, inviting listeners to choose whether to hear darkness or light in both the instrumentation and the lyrics.

For those that hear darkness ‘Hold Me In The Dark’ sets the scene with a picturesque but hazy description of an illicit love affair laced with betrayal and obsession. This tortured scene romanticizes unrequited love and the longing to embrace reality through an embrace.

While for those that hear light ‘Hold Me In The Dark’ is a serenely beautiful midnight dance, enveloped in the arms of the one you love, while long velvet drapes blow and candles flicker in a balmy summer breeze. ‘Hold Me In The Dark’ was inspired by Carl Jung’s concept of the shadow self which proclaims “I must have a dark side also if I am to be whole”.

Porcelain’s deliberate plan to stay anonymous deliberately flies in the face of selfie culture and self-promotion and is designed to channel focus attention on their music and their message. The previous single ‘Hollow’ released to help raise awareness of the work done by missingpeople.org.uk

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Hold Me In The Dark has already premiered on BBC Introducing who described it as “Stunning" Blog support is already confirmed from Rats On The Run and Right Chord Music.

Their debut EP named ‘Part One’ (what else) was released on August 14th and caught the attention of rock royalty Mick Fleetwood who pledged his support in a video testimony shared with the band and on his own social media. Press and blog support followed from the likes of Wonderland Magazine, Analogue Trash and Beat Radar. Radio support came from BBC Introducing who premiered two singles.

Despite only launching last August, Porcelain has amassed over 130k streams, +2.8k followers and featured on over 3.1k playlists.