Independent alternative pop singer-songwriters Aimee Vant and Tucker Click joined forces on their single “Kerosene". Co-written by Aimee and Tucker the first time they met and produced by Noah Hubbell, this eerie and intimate indie-pop single is a product of three Berklee College grads teaming up unexpectedly nearly two years after graduation.

Aimee, Tucker, and Noah had never collaborated prior to their first session in December 2020, and “Kerosene” represents their discovery of a strong creative bond. “Tucker and I quickly noticed that our voices blended hauntingly well together, and mixed remarkably well with Noah’s ambient/textural production style. We discovered that the epicentre of each of our styles is an eerie and intense alternative pop sound.” “Kerosene” represents the process of Aimee, Tucker, and Noah discovering their sound together and letting inspiration take them in new directions.

Aimee Vant is a 21-year-old singer-songwriter and producer newly based in LA. Originally from Boston, Aimee studied Contemporary Writing & Production at Berklee College of Music and moved to LA after graduating in only three years. Aimee has been inspired by artists such as Lorde, Glen Hansard, Sleeping at Last, Tom Odell, Coldplay and Gracie Abrams, and this shines through in her own songwriting. Inspired by her own experiences of loss and heartbreak in her early 20s, Aimee’s approach to songwriting is conversational, approachable, and often says exactly what the listener needs to hear. Fascinated by both orchestral and electronic sound and composition, Aimee’s own sound combines these two elements in an experimental manner to create her own signature moody alt-pop style. When she’s not writing and creating music, she can often be found painting.

Los Angeles based singer, songwriter, and frontman of Hand Made House, Tucker Click, creates a bittersweet and unfiltered lyrical and musical experience with each song he writes. With Kerosene being the first of many songs under the artist’s solo project, he’s introducing his sound to the world. Tucker often takes on subjects like loss, love, and the introspective search for peace in his music. His sound pulls organic and raw elements to create an authentic and personal experience for anyone listening. Having attended Berklee College of Music in Boston, the singer created his band and found his calling as a writer and performer. For Tucker’s band, he has diverse influences such as Nothing but Thieves, The 1975, and Kings of Leon. However, for his solo project, Tucker finds fresh inspiration from artists such as Justin Vernon, Glen Hansard, and Jeff Buckley. Outside of music, Tucker can be found exploring local coffee shops, searching for his new favourite pair of pants in his favourite thrifting spots, buying plants for his already plant-filled room, or hiking the many trails in California.

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Noah Hubbell is a 23-year-old producer and engineer based in Los Angeles. After graduating from Berklee College of Music with a degree in Composition, he began working as an engineer at Igloo Music in Burbank. His ethereal production style is influenced by artists such as Son Lux, Bon Iver, and M83 as well as drawing heavily from the narrative elements of film music. His approach to music puts heavy emphasis on fusing electronic sound design and raw acoustic recordings to create a sonic colour palette unique to his work.

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