Sleepwoka, the London based, Ukrainian producer and songwriter, is fast getting a reputation for his thought-provoking and poignant ponderings set to his electro-pop soundscapes. Each release since his first in 2019 have gone from strength to strength, seeing his fanbase increase and many engaging in the timely narrative of his music.

The latest offering, All I Hoped For, sees Sleepwoka’s familiar questioning of self-existence and his place in the world. With production nods to one of his favourite Russian groups, Splean, the song leans into the common notion of not fitting in to an already overcrowded and loud world.  There is a frustration and disappointment in the lyrics revealing a regret of things both done and not done.

If 2020 showed us anything it was a staunch reminder that life is unpredictable and full of many distractions often deterring us from what really matters. In All I Hoped For, Sleepwoka continues his exploration of purpose and meaning revealing his latest thoughts on the subject.  He explains:

“For me, purpose is something that can’t be discovered, it can only be built – intentionally. So often in life we keep rushing in without having a long-term vision or perspective on life. Having purpose is so important.”

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As is always the case with Sleepwoka’s music, the uplifting landscape of the electro-pop beats juxtaposes the gritty message of the song but there is also hope and inspiration in the words. Sometimes the dreams and ideas of our youth don’t turn out quite how we’d hoped or imagined but we can also act with purpose and choose our own destiny to an extent.

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