Somewhere out there between folk and fury, where jazz rocks out and rock takes a breath, there’s an expanse of musical terrain to be explored. Pretty in Between is the art child of Ohio born and now San Francisco based musician Austin Wasielewski, whose recently released albums with Analog Dog (San Francisco) & Odakota (San Diego) have made quite the impression amongst the California indie scenes and beyond. 

Tracing over his own roots with a combination of admiration and disdain, tapping into the joys of an honest days work while vocalizing the pains of an exploited working class, fixated on the future while being in the moment; the paradoxes are endless when its all pretty in between.

As a songwriter, Wasielewski is trained in following the wisdom of the moment & the movements of the ether, leading his songs to often write themselves. Creating a foundation with razor-sharp drummer and cowriter Kale Frank & bassist/producer Ryan Lee, he has harnessed that inspiration to weave a message of change and self-reflection through a patchwork of songs written about entering into adulthood & the pursuit of sustainable artistry in contemporary San Francisco.

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