Darkroom Data follow up their second single, retro-pop, love song ‘Hydrogen’, with their new electro pop odyssey ‘Groovatta’. The single is a playful collage of sound and features a distinctive sample from 80s, UK band ‘The System’, masterminded by cult producer, Bob Lamb whose credits include UB40 and Duran Duran.

“Groovatta is an invitation to step inside the curious smoke, like an anxious bird, flying to nowhere. Equally absent, equally present. Free-falling in a deep ocean of reverb and climbing on the spine of an arpeggiator, to rediscover all the things you will never live again and embrace the blank spaces of life, that can become anything…”

Visuals for the track were created by experimental filmmaker Moema Pascolini using a combination of found footage and film painting technique.


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