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‘You There’ opens with the seductive vocal chops of Magnus’s deep mellow timbre, which drops in over intricate layers of woozy electronic atmospheres. The voice of long-time collaborator Niels harmonises seamlessly with Magnus, as the track builds with plunging bass lines and sub-aquatic keyboard stabs, rich in harmony and busting with shiny optimism.

Magnus said about the single “’You There’ is upbeat for a reason, what is there to be sad about?? The world is opening up and people can start to live their lives again! It’s about going into everything you’re doing with 100% commitment and striving for that little bit more every time, be it that one last dance when the club is closing, or having that one special person with you when you’re having a great time. Whatever it is you’re doing, I want this to be the track that lifts the mood!

Magnus continues to evolve sonically, drawing songwriting inspiration from the unique experiences of the moment, whether that comes from the solitude of lockdown or more recently the joy of post isolation freedoms. The artist practised music from an early age and began writing songs before he could play an instrument with simple Cappella lyrics and melodies. Magnus was just 13 when his eldest brother was tragically killed during an expedition at Norwegian archipelago Svalbard, and songwriting became a means of channelling the hurt he continues to feel today. In the aftermath of the incident, he transferred to a new school with a good music department, which was where he first learned to produce and began to teach himself piano by watching videos on YouTube.

Chapple’s journey to his current sound has been strongly influenced by the community he was part of whilst studying at the London branch of the BIMM Institute (British and Irish Modern Music Institute,) where he broadened his music taste from singers songwriters such as Jack Johnson, Nick Mulvey and Tom Odell and started listening to artists from the contemporary hip hop and R&B scene such as Kendrick Lamar and Anderson Paak. The strong combination of eclectic sounds continues to influence the music he produces today.

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Magnus dropped his aptly titled debut album ‘An Introduction’ in 2019 and his follow up album ‘Unprecedented Measures for Unprecedented Times’ in March 2020. Having enjoyed the beauty of producing a body of work that fits together to tell a complete story, Magnus is now eager to experiment with new material focusing on a series of single releases which will utilise a band and translates well to a live audience.

With more singles in the pipeline set for release throughout 2021 and a Paris gig postponed until we are able to travel freely again, the artist is well-positioned to make his rightful mark on the music scene.


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