Tripov is a new group band that consist of Jilie Kezia on Vocal, Evan Asher on Guitar & Keys, Yoga Bagaspati on Bass & Beats. They produce their album only just from a small bedroom in the city of Jakarta. Their genre basically is indie-pop with a touch of electronic instruments and an easy mood. Tripov is perfect for cruising on a Sunday morning or going out to dance on a Saturday night. Basically, having a great time overall.

All Day All Night is their first single from their upcoming album. TRIPOV will be releasing more exciting singles for the next few months towards their first album. All Day All Night is a song that you can sing along during your leisure time, cruising around town or whenever you’re hanging out with your friends. With Billie Eilish’s storytelling songwriting style, it shows the experience of falling in love in every quirky, unique, and real way. All Day All Night is influenced and inspired by the music and sound style created by Benee and Lauv.

With eyes set on the vision to influence Asia and the world, they want to embrace the value of being okay to be yourself. TRIPOV itself has a unique approach to songwriting and producing, that will give you a new pop genre experience in music. As you hear their undeniably catchy tunes, you will definitely get hooked and find yourself having your own shower “concert” with their indie-pop music.