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Chris Pidsley is a singer/songwriter from Gloucestershire, UK. Now based in London, Pidsley crafts infectious, indie-pop sounds with a healthy dose of angsty, sad boy vibes. With an overall theme of sun, summer and nostalgia, his music is raw and relatable, making the perfect laid-back soundtrack to the everyday lives of twenty-somethings.

His new five-track EP Daisies, touches on tales and feelings from Pidsley’s life. Carrying a warmth and honesty that flows through a golden pool of soothing production, the release glows with character and emotion. Curated from the depths of his bedroom, the DIY vibe brings an essence of authenticity, giving us a peek into the world of the artist.

Opening track “Tie Dye T-Shirt” introduces itself as a floral, hazy tune before kicking into an energetic blast. Beginning with a lullaby energy of woozy, muffled guitar and a funky lead bassline, it quickly swings into a comfortable, soothing sway of velvety goodness. Inspired by the notorious lockdown activities of obsessively tie-dying clothes, Pidsley took the opportunity to honour these moments in a vibrant, colourful single. Inspired by The 1975 and Rex Orange County and their knack for creating tongue-in-cheek music with playful, jazz-infused guitars, “Tie Dye T-Shirt” was born.

Then there is “Listen To Your Mum” – a relatable track about how your Mum always seems to have an opinion about your love life. Reminiscent of Cavetown, the song blends acoustic and DIY synthesised beats to create a lighthearted ode to all mothers. Title-track “Daisies” narrates a summer love. The musician shares, “The kind that you wish would never end and always brings you nostalgia whenever the sun shines.” The fast-paced “Skinny” speaks about body positivity and loving yourself no matter what anyone else says. Through driving beats and heavy electric guitar, this is a true indie-pop bop.

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“Rosie” brings the EP to a close, with a personal, vulnerable and direct lyrical message to a girl (ironically not named Rosie). Recorded in one take, with just Pidsley, his guitar and a microphone, this highly intimate, romantic and hypnotic single in its skeletal form, bares the bones of the songwriter’s soul. Pidsley reveals, “I wanted to maintain that sense of stark vulnerability and authenticity. Similar to “She Lays Down,” the closer of the second The 1975 album”. This track may conjure a tear or a smile, but ultimately shows Pidsley in a raw state revealing his unmistakable talent.


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