Gabi Sklar Unveils ‘Good Kisser’: A Sultry Pop Saga of Temptation and Intuition

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With the smoky allure of a secret rendezvous and the sophistication of a timeless melody, Gabi Sklar’s latest creation, “Good Kisser,” transcends mere music, becoming an anthem of sultriness and intrigue. A symphony that showcases Gabi’s enigmatic vocal range, the track delves into the intricate dance of desire and hesitation within a friendship.

As she confides, “The song navigates the tantalizing terrain of a ‘should I or shouldn’t I’ relationship with a dear friend. It captures the inner tussle between intuition and temptation.” Since its release last month, the single has amassed a staggering 150K streams, earning accolades from industry luminaries like Rolling Stone and Celeb Secrets.

In a visual tapestry that intertwines artistry and narrative, the music video for “Good Kisser” transports viewers deeper into Gabi’s sonic universe. Collaborating with the visionary director Justin Thorne (House of Giuseppe), the video breathes life into the song’s essence. Gabi shares, “The video offers a chance to embody diverse characters, shedding my own skin. The allure of the 60s glamour further emboldened the venture, letting us experiment with various vignettes, personas, and aesthetics drawn from that era.”

Gabi Sklar’s rise is nothing short of meteoric, as her dynamic vocals and compelling songwriting continue to captivate hearts worldwide. At just 23 years old, she’s already seized her place as one of pop’s most exhilarating prospects. With a handful of singles, her presence looms large with 3.5 million devoted TikTok followers, a legion of 1.2 million Instagram fans, and a monthly Spotify audience of 126K.

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Guided by the masterful touch of Grammy Award-winning multi-platinum producer Tommy Brown at Champagne Therapy Music Group, Gabi’s journey has also intertwined with legendary songwriters. Collaborations with luminaries like Diane Warren, Isabella Sjostrand, JP Saxe, Sam Romans, LionChild, Njomza, Boy Matthews, and 8ae have enriched her creative palette. And her pursuit of pop’s apex doesn’t stop at sound alone. Gabi’s path to stardom has been paved with intensive training, honing her vocal prowess under the guidance of esteemed vocal coach Don Lawrence (notable for Lady Gaga, Mark Ronson), mastering choreography with the iconic Laurie Ann Gibson (known for Lady Gaga, Diddy), and refining her stage presence with performance coach KJ Rose (whose tutelage has benefitted Lil Nas X).

As “Good Kisser” unfurls its allure, Gabi Sklar continues her ascent into the upper echelons of pop, painting her narrative with an indelible ink of passion, talent, and unwavering commitment.

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