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Ryan Fisher, a Vancouver, BC based singer-songwriter, releasing his first single “About The Future” from my debut album “Commercials For Heaven” out now.

Ryan Fischer is a Canadian singer-songwriter. Previously, he wrote and directed a series of award winning personal documentaries that screened internationally in festivals and on TV. Ryan began writing songs as an impulse to get through tough times in Toronto where he was struggling to make films and pay the rent; songs initially meant to only cheer and empower himself until the songs took over and led him to pursue a new career. 

After a 2 month trip to Mexico in the winter of 2015 – where he survived a dangerous encounter with a riptide in Zipolite (“Beach of The Dead”) – he returned to focus solely on music.  In 2016 he rolled out to the West Coast of BC in search of mountains, forests, ocean air and musical adventure.  His songs mix self-deprecating humour with recurring themes of self-doubt and a longing for solace. As a celebration of his own and the world’s collective human flaws, music is Ryan Fischer’s way of coming to a place of jubilant acceptance and inner freedom. His first single “About the Future” garnered positive reviews. “About the Future” is a stylish rocker from Vancouver-based singer/songwriter Ryan Fischer. Suave vocals and a thumping rhythm section give way to charismatic guitar additions and a hooky vocal front that exudes confidence — ‘I’m not gonna hide from the future … I’m gonna find a solution.’ 

The added enthusiasm in the chorus develops seamlessly from the smooth verses. Rather than seeing pessimism in the future ahead, the lyrics suggest a reason for optimism and perseverance, backed enjoyably by strong production and a convincing rock-forward sound.” (Obscure Sound) “Fischer is devoid of any of the entry-level nervousness familiar to newcomers, and his lyricism against the status quo of the system rises above the instrumentals that accompany it. About the Future — is for all intents and purposes — a protest song, against the dogmatic principles that Fischer notices in his immediate society.

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It is a song that has the potential to mobilize the masses in unanimous musicality, a song to sing when agitating against the systems of government and oppression that they have come to realize. At the helm of it all is Fischer, who sings — ‘I’m gonna work all the patriots / I’m gonna free the proletariat / I’m gonna bring down all the governments’. Fischer has written a song that can go on to define a generation of people against a particular agenda, all united through a great operatic outro that seems to draw its roots from the best of Billy Joel and Queen.” (Sinusoidal Music) Ryan Fischer is releasing his debut album “Commercials For Heaven” in the fall of 2021.


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