4am City presents “Bronze Recast [Versions]” by fire_sign. Fired in the kiln of lockdown, this new electronic music collection is a dub-hearted reimagining of the band’s 2020 EP Bronze.  

Over nine tracks, fire_sign remix their material, drawing on a wide variety of influences and styles ranging from acid to dark ambient.  

While Make Me in Stone is coloured by a love of Deepchord and old records put out by the Rhythm & Sound label, the slow, hypnotic pulse of Too Much to Carry is inspired by the synth-wave sound of acts like Pye Corner Audio.  
In Sugar Dream, fire_sign present their first ever ambient piece, a nod to their fondness for artists like Brian Eno and Celer.  Elsewhere, the band channel bold drum n bass accents in They’ve Spoken, setting off Bronze track Shadow’s grand percussive machinery to spectacular effect.  

Fire_sign describes Bronze Recast as “an opportunity to develop the less structured side of our music and break things down a bit, which is an idea we’ve been using since our first remix for Sweet Oblivion.”  They add: “Some of our favourite records have been remix albums, like ’26 Mixes for Cash’ [Aphex Twin] and ‘Things Falling Apart’ [NIN] and we’ve always been into reconsidering our own stuff.”