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Chakkra Tara. King Chakkra. The Jersey-bred recording artist, producer, songwriter, is a triple threat constantly reinventing himself.

With influences from artists spanning decades within a multitude of genres, there’s no question that the bar has always been set high for his artistry. His drive is relentless. His consistency is impeccable. He’s telling the story his way. And he’s leaving room for growth at every turn. So what’s next?

“This song is about being everything to everyone and realizing at some point that you never were anything to others. Giving your all to people who never give the same effort back. The moment you decide to love yourself they say you changed, switched up or left them. “Still the same, I just move with the light”. It’s a song looking to the future with hopes of moving onto better things. No longer moving with the crowd, but instead, moving with purpose.” – Chakkra

Chakkra Tara – All Mine (Official Music Video)


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