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South London based rising R&B star Pritt has teamed up with North West London rapper & lyrical connoisseur S.A.M for a debut on an entirely new level. Together they present the incredible dual concept EP ‘Take 2’ with single ‘Drowning’.

Both unique and separate artist’s in their own right; Pritt champions and channels her Tamil heritage, combining this with her femininity to empower stereotypes of women in urban music, whilst S.A.M includes influences of Afro Caribbean and Western Sounds as well as embracing his Asian heritage, he successfully conveys his message over a repertoire of genres.

Completely co-written, this dream team has carefully curated an EP that traverses a grand spectrum of emotions, diving deep into the many layers experienced when tangled in the grips of a toxic relationship. Each song detailing a relatable narrative from the upbeat dance inducing bops like ‘365’ to both artists voicing the effortless, catchy melodies of ‘Trials and Tribulations’, down to the slow, honest, cathartic interlude of ‘Thinking’. Each tune gives way to the next, pertaining to an ebb and flow of energies, making ‘Take 2’ a thought provoking, healing and heartstring pulling journey from start to finish.

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