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Danish indie-pop artist, Mattias Kolstrup, questions religion and sexuality when he celebrates the freedom and fascination of attraction – and Troye Sivan!

With his curly, blonde hair and an undeniable charming in-your-face attitude, Mattias Kolstrup is one of the most recognisable rock stars in his native Denmark. He is the former lead singer of the innovative electro-rock outfit, Dúné – now on a mission of his own under the moniker as LIBERTY.

Ahead of the release of a new album out later this year, Mattias pumps up the BPM to celebrate a certain 26-year old Australian pop icon.

”This is a song about my – not so secret – man crush on the one and only, Troye Sivan. To me, Troye is a voice, the look and pure feelings of a whole generation – an inspiring human being and one of those out of this world artists like Bowie. He’s right there in front of you yet totally out of reach,” Mattias says.

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The lyrics for ‘Troye Sivan’ might seem simple and naive but takes on a more complex theme that revolves around religion and sexuality:

“While writing it, it somehow took a life on it’s own incorporating themes of the historic religious opposition to the idea of people of the same sex finding each other attractive. Cause’ after all: what’s Jesus got to do with it? It’s all in the spirit of love, fascination and life.”

The sound of ‘Troye Sivan’ is raw and direct – stripped from unnecessary effects and noise to distract you from listening to the words of Liberty. Here’s an artist who’s not afraid to channel the power of rock, introvert pop and the energy of a long lost punk-era in his music and style.