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For many years in my town of Quyon, Québec, there was a giant wooden Elvis mounted on the side of an old barn, the outdoor bandstand for a summer music festival.

Quyon has deep roots in music and the Elvis was a landmark for this small riverside town in the Pontiac. Eventually it rotted and in 2020 the municipality tore it down, marking the end of an era. Good riddance.

“Painted Elvis,” which appears on my brand new album out today, Lonely Cinema II, immortalises this rotten landmark through a small town story of poverty and addiction.

Lonely Cinema II is the third instalment of a trilogy of records released from 2020-21. I produced, recorded and mixed the records in my studio which resides in a 168yr old church.

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The Lonely Cinema trilogy tells a story about having our lives reduced down to a little piece of real estate rented or owned, together with the curated and controlled virtual spaces that the system provides.


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