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With our music, we invite you to experience the sounds of traditional and contemporary katajjaq – Inuit throat singing. “Pandemonium” is the feeling of our worlds being thrown upside down. It’s an adaptation of traditional throat songs Nirliit (geese) and Naujaat (seagulls) combined with futuristic dance floor beats, perfectly conjuring up the cathartic madness of the pandemic.

Pandemonium” on YouTube, spotlighting current events and representing important contemporary themes of resource extraction and Indigenous sovereignty. Created by Inuvialuk/Gwichin visual artist Darcie Bernhardt from Tuktuujaatuq who animated 9000 watercolour stills, the beautiful imagery is unequivocally Northern, highlighting the Northern light-spectrum and features the beluga whale, fish, and polar bear, along with the land and the weather (Sila) who are the main protagonists.

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