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Wormwood is an exuberant memoir about letting go and cutting loose.

The song discards its enemies, burns bridges and lights a cigarette off the collective ashes. The drums drive the song with blistering energy and lightness while the springy, nostalgic guitars and sparkling synthesizers create a melodic and swirling romance. Yum Yuck delivers the message and lyrics of the song with an uplifting, almost sneering decree of freedom:

“After this summer there’ll be no one left but me”.

Yum Yuck is the sound of Alternative, bedroom indie-pop producer and multi-instrumentalist Pascal Righini. Known for his effortless style and silver-tongued vocal, Yum Yuck’s palette is a dreamy world of vibrant groove, catchy vocals and wavy guitar tones and keys. A South African Music Award-winning artist featured on Maison Kitsune, Spotify Fresh Finds, and other indie and alternative and chill-out curation; Yum Yuck is contemporary to lovers of Unknown Mortal Orchestra, The Cure, Porches, Hether, Gus Dapperton and Beach Fossils.

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Wormwood forms the first part of a new record that Yum Yuck will be released as singles throughout the year of 2022. Yum Yuck’s songs are uplifting, sensual and dissolving and feel like the perfect stimulus for a headphone journey down memory lane or a top-down road trip into the heart of this human condition.


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