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Some addictions are life changing, some are for pleasure, some are for boosting self-esteem and adrenaline leading to both joy or danger – and some are just part of everyday life without you and me even noticing. Those addictions are exactly what Danish singer, Elias Boussnina, explores and processes in the making of his upcoming debut album – and on his new single, ‘Heroine’.

“The song is about being addicted to another person – about the sickening feeling you can get when you love someone more than you love yourself or anything else. Is love really that much different from being addicted to drugs? To me, love is a fix we praise. But in a worst-case scenario, love can push a person all the way out there, where you completely lose yourself which ultimately can destroy who you are and become the end of everything,” Elias Boussnina says when speaking of ‘Heroine’.

The softly grooving bass flirts with the flanger guitar on top of an organic hip hop-beat and creates a laid back vibe on which Boussnina sings his story of ‘Heroine’. The catchy new tune is written and produced by the Danish London-based musician and producer, Mont Jake.

27-year-old Elias Boussnina has already made an impact on Danish music. In the middle of the 10’s he took the hip-hop stage – and owned it – under the alias of Yung Coke. Later, with the release of music in his own name, Elias Boussnina was suddenly renowned for his stylish, laid back R&B far beyond the Danish borders with support from influential tastemakers like COMPLEX and COLORS.

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Elias Boussnina returned this summer following up on two critically acclaimed EP’s. He’s finally on his way with the long-awaited debut album later this year.


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