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After making his stunning return earlier this year with his brilliant comeback single ‘Good Shit (On My Counter)’, his first offering since last year’s EP ‘YANG-A-CHI’, fast-rising Mexico City-based artist Kristian J is back once again with his instantly impactful new effort ‘FCKWITHME’.

Offering up another heady dose of bold and shimmering alt-pop textures throughout, ‘FCKWITHME’ is a brilliantly infectious jam, filled with high-energy hooks and passionate textures. Channelling an electrifying pop-punk vibe this time around, his latest release adds another angle to his already enigmatic and eclectic repertoire to date.

Speaking about the meaning of ‘FCKWITHME’, he said, “Do you want the quick sex, or something more meaningful? The Internet has made the former so much more tempting. We live in an age of overstimulation and hyper-connectivity. We have access to more information—and more people—than ever, and yet it leaves us yearning even more for something deeper.”

The sizzling new single arrives with an official music video filmed in Bogotá, Colombia. As part of a collaboration with 330 Record, the music video worked with Express Yourself, a local dance academy dedicated to creative kpop fans. With the video, Kristian J hopes to highlight the kpop community in Latin America.

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Kristian J is an up-and-coming pop artist ready to spread his fusion of American, Latin, and Korean music across the globe. As a gay Korean American musician who has travelled the world, one of Kristian’s main goals is to inspire people to come to accept and love themselves, regardless of their cultural or family backgrounds. Kristian spent most of his life in the Philly suburbs and a few years in Manhattan, New York. He graduated from Columbia University, majoring in anthropology and linguistics, but decided to let his passion for music steer his life in a new direction. Right after graduating college, Kristian moved to South Korea to “come back to his roots.”

There, he studied in several music academics to develop his musical craft, released his first two albums independently, and sharpened his skills in social media marketing. Kristian dabbles in several mainstream genres, particularly pop, R&B, hip hop, reggaetón, and alternative rock, and works with various producers around the world.

He has also worked with various agencies and managers in countries like Mexico, Colombia, and Brazil, to boost his presence in Latin America. From here, Kristian plans to take his career to greater heights by playing larger shows and sharing more music with his Latin American fans, all while constantly honing his personal brand: sexy, smooth, camp, queer.


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